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For all providers in the state of Virginia

We are your real-time resource for COVID-19 information. Our interdisciplinary panel of public health, clinical, and pharmacotherapy experts is here to serve you. Join our Just-in-Time Learning Series at any time for any topic by visiting us here. It takes less than 30 seconds to register:

Virginia Project ECHO
Just-In-Time Learning Series​

A Statewide Partnership

Answer Your Questions About:

  • The latest learning from other states on how to handle specific challenges related to the virus.
  • Updates on testing locations, availability, and guidelines.
  • The challenges of transitioning to telehealth.
  • Debunking myths around medication management in the community.
  • Specific de-identified patient cases that you are managing.
Participants may join and attend sessions at any time. Attendance commitment is not required. Take less than 30 seconds to register now, and you will receive a calendar invitation and updates on the series.

Who should attend this series:

Physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses, and other healthcare providers working in primary care and long-term care facilities.

ECHO Programs in Virginia: